#Youth Impact

Highlighting the activities of the Youth Advisory Council since 2014

Since 2014, when the #Youth launched the Free Our Voices campaign, we have taken the lead on many local and international projects and collaborations. Making our voices heard loud and clear, #Youth champion the respect for and better protection of the rights of children and youth.

One of our first efforts was to raise awareness among the youngest of school children on the availability and services of the child helplines. We developed a short book ourselves: “Adam’s New Adventure” tells the story of a boy who moves to a new town and fights to fit in. He finds support and empowerment through calling his child helpline and eventually feels comfortable in his new surroundings. We launched this book in schools and workshops with children in Malaysia, Malawi, Kenya and the Netherlands.

Through this project we not only raised awareness about the child helplines; we made certain to speak about the importance of answering every single call from children:  the call to action in the Free Our Voices campaign.

Because we are fully integrated in our Child Helpline International we are involved in all events and activities with Child Helpline International’s partners and stakeholders.

We have represented Child Helpline International and spoken on behalf of children and youth in many forums, among them:

  • Annual meetings with the GSMA and telecommunications sector
  • High-level meetings with policy makers and child helplines’ representatives at the European Parliament
  • Regional meetings during the Leadership in Empowering and Activating child helplines in Protecting children online (LEAP) programme
  • Bi-yearly International and Regional Consultations of Child Helplines


#Youth Manifesto is both a call to action and the result of our two year’s work as Youth Council members.  With it, we want to articulate our ambitions and vision for youth involvement in Child Helpline International, and to inspire, motivate and empower others.

We launched the Manifesto together with the Manual “Making it Work: Our Story on Active Youth Participation”. The manual has words of advice on meaningful engagement within organisations and NGOs and shared tips on how young people can become an integral part of a global network.

As #Youth, we contribute to publications and reports. An excellent example of this is the chapter on child online protection that some of us wrote for the 2015 European data publication “The Voices of Children and Young People: Heard and Unheard”. This has introduced an important new aspect in our work – young people analysing the child helplines data from our own point of view and with our own voices.

We know that Child Helpline International will continue to engage #Youth in all initiatives and projects! We strive to keep improving this successful initiative, where our young voices, skills and ambitions are heard and acted upon!