Humans of Child Helplines: will YOU support our Global Giving campaign?

We, the #Youth, are passionately driven to ensure that no child’s voice is left unheard.
This December, we have taken on a challenge…

A child helpline is a service that lends an ear to children and young people in need of support. It is a private and confidential service that allows children and young people to talk to trained counsellors on a variety of issues, big and small.

their work often goes unnoticed

The work of these child helpline counsellors, who in some cases are volunteers, often goes unnoticed. While every story and case is personal, these counsellors do incredible work on a daily basis to safeguard children’s needs and rights.

This knowledge inspired us, the #Youth, to create a not-for-profit project, released on the Global Giving platform, that would showcase the amazing efforts of child helpline counsellors.

We intend to approach as many child helpline counsellors as possible across a 12 month period and document their touching stories and unparalleled experiences. These stories will be previewed in a ‘photoblog’ format, initially released on social media, and later collated into a cartoon-stylised book titled “Humans of Child Helplines”.

many are still unaware that child helplines exist

Ultimately, we see this book being used as a powerful tool for generating awareness on the services of child helplines and their counsellors but also as a means to educate children about their rights. This is despite the fact that many children and adults are still unaware that child helplines exist, even though they represent the first point of contact for many in distress…

We, the #Youth, aim to work pro-actively to introduce our book to children and young people to help them recognise that they do not stand alone. If you would like to see our more detailed Plan of Action, click here.

If you care about protecting children’s voices as much as we do, check out our Global Giving page here.