Our Youth Advisory Council is an empowering collective of young individuals from all over the world. They are here to speak on behalf of all their peers and we make sure we listen. Together we strive towards a better future for children and youth.

“ACT to EVAC – preventing online child sexual abuse and exploitation.”

Being part of the ACT to EVAC programme has made me realise all over again how important it is to collaborate in order to create safe environments for children.

“Together as a team we are determined to leave no stone unturned in ensuring child safety online.”

I consider myself lucky to be part of the Youth Advisory Council of Child Helpline International – who over the years have made it a point to be #Youth-centrist in their decision-making.

International Child Helpline Day 2018: Young People & Technology around the World

The theme of this year’s International Child Helpline Day is “Inclusion and Technology for Children’s Well-being”, and we’ve been hearing from our network of child helplines around the world how they are using technology in inclusive, creative ways.