OPINION: “It is ok not to be ok, but it is always better if you speak it out”

By Sara Brari

For our most recent global child helpline data report, Voices of Children & Young People Around the World, we asked our #Youth to share their opinion on what stood out to them while reading the data. Over the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing their take on various issues that affect children and young people. The piece below marks the first one in this series. Let’s listen to what our young people have to say.


As a youth living and studying in Europe, I want to dedicate my word to European data that child helplines collected in 2019. Going through this report, I was moved to see that mental health is ranked 1st out of the 10 reasonsThousands of calls were made by children and youth who got the courage to pick up the phone and speak their problems out. But how many did not find the right path or courage to address their problems 

Referring to my years of experience in child helplines, I can say that there are many children and young people who did not get a chance to report their mental health problems. Mental health is often misunderstoodespecially by those who do not suffer or have never suffered from it. This is a problem that characterizes our society, it attempts to help usbut sometimes offering the wrong help. They say that mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood, but sometimes they avoid understanding it and its consequences 

This is how society is builtbut what can we do to overcome this phenomenon and empower unreached individuals to seek help? What can we do to prove to them that undertaking this step is a courageous step? We can all be united for a common mission: raising awareness and encouraging every children and youth that “it is ok not to be ok, but it is always better if you speak it outWe must make sure they see, hearand trust us and constantly make sure that we always measure our impact by comparing year-to-year dataIn other words, proving that every voice matters! 


Sara Brari is a member of Child Helpline International’s #Youth advisory council.