“Together as a team we are determined to leave no stone unturned in ensuring child safety online.”

I consider myself lucky to be part of the Youth Advisory Council of Child Helpline International – who over the years have made it a point to be #Youth-centrist in their decision-making. The relevance of youth perspectives gained importance once again at the ACT to EVAC kick-off meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, from 26 to 27 June 2018.

A blog by Divyansh

Click here to download the ACT to EVAC Kenya Report.

As per my expectations, the meeting was very fruitful in designing a road map for future collaboration between child helplines of five countries, namely Kenya, Romania, Jordan, Philippines and Peru. It truly will be an impactful journey in the forthcoming 22 months of the 27- month programme, which will set an agenda for child online safety in these five countries


Sara and I were happy to have delivered a #Youth Perspective presentation. We came with the aim to encourage child helplines to consider it worthwhile having youth involved in their functioning. We are indeed glad to have two helplines having serious thoughts about implementing meaningful youth involvement.

After the meeting, my belief in this collaborative process was further strengthened. Together as a team we are determined to leave no stone unturned in ensuring child safety online. Moreover, since the process is very accommodating in nature, I am confident that children and youth in these countries will be given individual attention. Their core issues will be given due importance and the entire agenda will have their impressions wholesomely embedded. As we progress more into the internet age, the programme will be able address the dynamics of the future while being combative to present day problems. Child Helpline International’s motto of “every child has a voice” will be supported by the energetic voice of youth.

I am confident that the effects of this programme will reach other countries as well. Countries worldwide are eagerly looking for programmes that will sensitise their youth and protect their children. This programme is founded on both of these important aspects. As most of the countries represent the “global south” it is an amazing opportunity for this programme to be idealised in a way that it is readily accepted in developing countries.

Through this programme, these five child helplines can be a torchbearer for “change” and inspire child helplines worldwide who are equally passionate towards enhancing carefree childhoods.

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