Additional protection for children facing risks and emergency in Albania!

On April 21st 2016, a Cooperation Agreement was signed at the orphanage “Zyber Hallulli” in Tirana between the Albanian Child Helpline ALO 116 and the Albanian State Agency for the Protection of the Rights of the Child. Wider protection of children facing risks and emergency situations was the main achievement under direct approval from the Minister for Youth and Social Welfare, Mr. Blendi Klosi.

An update from Sara


During the event, I contributed with a talk emphasizing ALO 116’s major role in child protection since its launch seven years ago, since I am also a member of ALO 116’s youth board. My presentation summarized the numbers of calls and cases that have been reported by children and young people since June, 1st 2009 (when ALO 116 was launched). Also stressed, was my participation in Youth Advisory Council, which served as an essential link between the Albanian Child Helpline and other helplines and partners around the world.