Our Youth Advisory Council

Keeping us on the right track

Our Youth Advisory Council (#Youth) consists of young people from all over the world and is an integral part of our organisation. Launched in 2014, the #Youth are engaging in a range of projects on current issues and topics such as gender equality, child online protection, youth participation and the Sustainable Development Goals.

After a period of careful planning, we celebrated the launch of the first global Youth Advisory Council at the International Consultation of Child Helplines in 2014. Building on the success of the global Youth Advisory Council, European and Asia Pacific subgroups were formed in 2015 and 2016. We are proud to have such a strong base of young people who give us candid feedback and insight that makes our work more effective and relevant.

Highlights from our Youth Advisory Council 2014 to 2016

Our #Youth believe in a world where all children and young people’s voices are heard, where they meaningfully influence decision-making, and actively participate in all issues affecting them. To make sure these values are actively and continuously present, the #Youth stand behind a powerful Manifesto which details the Youth Advisory Council’s core beliefs and goals.

Our #Youth believe in a world where all children and young people’s voices are heard

As an integral part of the organisation, the #Youth is growing and developing together with us!

To make sure that we get the #Youth’s feedback and guidance on all of our focus areas, our #Youth have moved towards a more flexible structure organised around themes that reflect the topics where the council members have particular knowledge of or interest in. Want to know more? Check out the links to the #Youth individual bios or the #Youth section!