Introducing our latest project!

November 2020.

Child Helpline International is proud to launch its “Voices in Eastern and Southern Africa during Covid-19” project, also known as “VESAC”.


The VESAC project aims to support three child helplines as they respond to increased contacts being made by children and young people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The three child helplines taking part in the VESAC project are:

Child Helpline NameOrganization NameCountryWebsite
Adama Child HelplineEnhancing Child Focused Activities (ECFA)Ethiopia
Tithandizane Helpline 116Youth Net & Counselling (YONECO)Malawi
Yaga NdakumvaMinistere des Droits de la Personne Humaine, des Affaires Sociales et du GenreBurundi


The project will run for a term of 12 months, which began in October 2020 and will end in September 2021, and includes nine key activities:

Coordinate one baseline study
Recruitment of three new staff / volunteers per one child helpline
Source three new remote counselling kits per one child helpline
Develop one web chat solution per one child helpline
Develop one eLearning module
Hold one Community of Practice
Develop one Technical Note
Develop one data publication
Coordinate one endline study


We are excited to include many more of Child Helpline International’s member child helplines in these activities.

This important project would not have been possible without the financial support provided by Tides Foundation, on the recommendation of Impact Fund. We are extremely grateful!

If you have any questions regarding this project, please email the project coordinator, Laura Holliday, at