#WeListen Campaign

We listened to more than 20 million children in 2015

In 2015, we listened to more than 20 million children. Thirteen to seventeen-year-olds reached out for help more than any other age group. 600,000 contacts from children and young people were for help with violence and abuse.

We launched the 2015 data that our network collected in April this year. With the hashtag #WeListen, we used Facebook and Twitter to share valuable insights into the support that child helplines give to children and young people worldwide.

The campaign lasted a week, with a focus on one region a day:  Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and MENA.   We took an in-depth look at the number of contacts child helplines received, why and how children reached out, and broke it down by gender. Our members were encouraged to share their own data to shed new light on the trends we noted.

Members and partners can work together to amplify our collective voices.

The campaign is an excellent way to show the importance of child helplines to a wider audience, and it also highlights just how vital our members are to our successes. While most social media posts enjoyed a natural audience of around 1000, for one post this shot up to nearly 28,000 after being shared by our members Hrabri Telefon in Croatia and The Smile of the Child in Greece.  A great example of the power of the network!.

The data campaign highlighted just how vital our members are to our successes.

On the last day of the campaign, we were proud to release a global overview summarising all of the data. You can see it here on our website. Although big advances have been made in child protection, there is still much work to do, as shown, for instance, by the statistic that 600,000 calls for help were on violence and abuse. Our network will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that no matter the issue, we’ll be there to listen.