University of Suffolk and Child Helpline International to conduct a study on 116 111: the European harmonised number for child helplines

Do you know about 116 111?

This summer the University of Suffolk, in collaboration with Child Helpline International, will conduct a study on the knowledge of decision-makers and the general public on the use and service of 116 111, the European harmonised number for child helplines. The purpose of the research is to analyse the level of awareness of the existence of the 116 111 number, its use and quality of service. The research will analyse how aware the target groups are of the existence of 116 111, and will measure their understanding of the services available from 116 111 operators.

116 111 is the European harmonised number dedicated to child helplines. There are currently 24 Member States of the European Union operating a child helpline under the 116 111 number. The research will focus on five countries within the European Union.