Supporting the Government of Benin to set up a child helpline

Our aim is to set up a sustainable and effective service for children and young people in need of care and protection in Benin. Together with UNICEF Benin, we support the Government in Benin to set up a child helpline in the country.


A pre-launching meeting of the feasibility study report was held in Cotonou, Benin on 14th July 2017. We brought together 20 representatives, among them one representative of our Youth Advisory Council and members of the steering committee set up by the Ministry of Family in 2014. A launch meeting of the feasibility study report is planned for the near future. In addition, meetings were held with key stakeholders such as government officials, civil society organisations and telecoms to present the child helpline concept and request their support to set up the service.

The feasibility study will enable us to determine the child helpline model applicable to the Benin context. In addition, other activities are planned in the coming months, such as a mapping of available resources for the child helpline, training for the counsellors and staff of the child helpline and the development of a call center.