Check out our ASEAN presentation on online CSEA

Our new course on Child Online Protection for Child Helplines kicks off our eLearning platform!

On the 7th February 2018, our pre-recorded PPT presentation on the role of child helplines in protecting children from online child sexual exploitation and abuse was presented at the ASEAN Regional Consultation: Towards Integrated National Responses to end the Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in ASEAN Member States in Jakarta. We received positive feedback from UNICEF, ECPAT, the GSMA and several child helplines in the ASEAN member states.

The PPT provides an overview to our work and resources on child online protection, and also provides an introduction to child helplines and the WePROTECT Model National Response: Preventing and Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.


We would love for you to have a look as it is a good introduction to our work in on this topics. You can also play the audio on each page to gain more insights.