PRESS RELEASE: Responding to issues that children are facing online

Child Helpline International and Telenor Group are working in partnership to support children staying safe online

In 2016, our network of child helplines received over fifty thousand calls on issues children are facing online. This is a reason for contact which has increased the last few years. We want to make sure we are prepared to respond to children and young people in the best way possible.

Being online is a big part of children’s everyday lives. The positive impact of the internet on children’s lives is clear; children can learn, play, socialise, access information and engage in cultural exchanges in ways which were unimaginable just some years ago. However, being online also comes with risks. To manage these risks, children and young people need to develop digital skills. They also need a knowledgeable support system to turn to when things go wrong.

We started to discuss how to manage child online safety issues 10 years ago in International and Regional Consultations, peer exchanges and special Taskforces. In 2016 we launched a set of guides for child online protection together with our industry partner GSMA.

But we did not stop there.

In 2017, we partnered up with Telenor Group to make sure that all child helplines have a basic understanding of issues relating to child online protection. In collaboration with several child helplines across the Telenor markets and with support from our #Youth, we have developed an eLearning module for child helplines.

understanding issues children face online

The module will introduce child helpline counsellors to the essentials of child online protection and digital skills. It also includes practical learning scenarios relating to cyberbullying, inappropriate and illegal content and child online sexual abuse. Renowned child online safety expert John Carr, and Professor Sonia Livingstone (Global Kids Online) have shared their knowledge and advice as part of the module.

Our eLearning module on child online protection for child helplines will launch on Safer Internet Day 2018, #SID2018, on February 6.

Stay tuned!