Regional Consultations of Child Helplines in Europe and Asia-Pacific 2019

Child Helpline International hosts biennial Regional and International Consultations. Regional Consultations allow Child Helpline International members to address strategic matters of interest to child helplines in the region. The Ninth Regional Consultation of Child Helplines in Asia-Pacific was held on November 25 and 26 and The Eighth Regional Consultation of Child Helplines in Europe, was held on November 27, 2019. Both consultative meetings were held on the online platform Zoom – the first time this has been done – to maximise cost effectiveness and accessibility for helplines.

We valued the participation of 27 child helpline members, both full and associate, from across Europe and for Asia-Pacific, 9 members took part. Both Consultations were opportunities for child helpline members to share news and updates of their own, and to share valuable knowledge and experience. The importance of this knowledge-exchange was highlighted again later in the day, during the 2021-2023 Strategic Planning Session, where helplines agreed that strengthening partnerships and cooperation with both with other helplines and with civil society and other organisations should remain a focus.

Members also felt that the Youth Advisory Council must be a key part of Child Helpline International at governance level, and should continue to play a role in forming and shaping the vision and strategy of the organisation. They highlighted the importance however, of ensuring this is not done in a generic or tokenistic way. Discussions were also had about the membership structure, the role of Child Helpline International in fundraising for its members and the advocacy themes the network could focus on.

These discussions will continue throughout the course of the year, and we look forward to gathering all regions together at the 2020 International Consultation, to take place in September 2020 in Stockholm.

Read the Europe and Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation Reports here:

Regional Consultation of Child Helplines in Europe 2019

Regional Consultation of Child Helplines in Asia-Pacific 2019