8 stories on the 8th of March - International Women's Day 2018

In line with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5, International Women’s Day 2018 #PressforProgress is an opportunity to acknowledge gender inequality and empower all women and girls worldwide. Gender equality is not only a right but a vital foundation in creating a peaceful and sustainable world.

Child Helpline International recognises that many girls and women are still facing obstacles in accessing their rights as a result of their gender. On the 8th of March, we have listed 8 stories that highlights the roles of child helplines in promoting girls’ rights.

  1. The Girl Who Sabotaged her own Wedding
    “Monika dialled four digits – 1098 – the number of a helpline. Too young to marry under Indian law, Monika wanted to stop her own wedding”.
  2. Female Leaders of the Future: #Youth
    Our #Youth consists of 8 women who work hard to promote rights and female empowerment. Click above to see their personal stories and achievements.
  3. Pushpa’s Story of Child Marriage in Nepal
    Pushpa contacted the Nepalese child helpline CWIN “because she needed help to annul her marriage… Pushpa did not want to get married at 16, but felt like she did not have a choice. She did not want to let her father down”.
  4. Gender Toolkit for Child Helplines
    This Gender Toolkit is a practical guide to help create minimum standards for gender mainstreaming in child helplines worldwide.
  5. Our Founder Jeroo Billimoria: Pressing for Progress
    Did you know that before former social worker Jeroo founded Child Helpline International in 2003, she helped to set up Childline India?
  6. Child Helpline Saving Girl from Drug Overdose
    When “Shukriya contacted the child helpline early in the morning, explaining that she had just taken opium in a bid to end her own life… the child helpline team, together with local police, managed to find her and take her to hospital in time”.
  7. 55% of all Contacts are from Girls: #WeListen
    According to Child Helpline International’s #WeListen 2016 campaign, 55% of all global contacts were girls.
  8. Maya’s Story
    Child helplines can prevent and respond to child online exploitation. Watch Maya’s story to see how easy it can be for children to fall vulnerable to exploitation.

How will you press for progress?