One voice, one number: our new video

Watch how child helpline counsellors listen to and support children every day.

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European directive reserving the number 116 111 to child helplines in Europe. To bring awareness to the 116 111 number, we are launching our new video  “One voice, one number”. This shows the positive impact that child heplines have on children’s lives by actively listening to them, providing unbiased support and empowering them to fulfill their own potential, every day, everywhere.

Child helplines offer a unique service – just imagine the amount of children’s lives they become a part of within just 24 hours. Providing constant help and advice is a process, an ongoing journey, which becomes easier when supported! Give children a voice, endorse #116111 in Europe! We can build a change for the world together!

Sara Brari, European Youth Advisory Council


Together we can reach and protect more children