NEWS FLASH! Our 2016-2020 strategy has had a branding makeover!

We, at Child Helpline International, believe in a world where all children and young people’s voices are heard. In our stride to continue to empower children through their voices, our 2016-2020 strategy has undergone a makeover that is in line with our new branding.

Our new brand was officially launched in May 2017 and, so far, it has been a really exciting journey!

Since 2003 and with the invaluable help of our 181 members across 147 countries, we have advocated for the rights of over 2.5 billion children and young people. While we continue to be one of the world’s largest collective impact organisations, we are constantly looking for new ways to build upon our strengths and increase the impact of the work that we do.

In May 2017, we embarked upon a rebranding process.

But why rebrand?

Our focus always has and always will be making sure no child is left unheard. Not least, our stakeholders’ opinions are important to us. They noted some areas for improvement in which children’s voices could be better represented. It was highlighted that by adapting our communications strategy, we could continue to harness our huge potential, long-term partnerships and develop meaningful projects that would have a real impact on the lives of children. These findings formed the foundations to our new brand.


Child Helpline International’s vision.


Our vision and mission remain focussed on ensuring that the voices of children and young people are heard, respected and acted upon. With their voices, we can drive policy change.


Child Helpline International’s mission.


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