Leadership in Empowering and Activating Child Helplines to Protect Children Online

We implemented a landmark initiative in 2016 as part of the UNICEF Global Programme to Build Capacity to Tackle Child Online Sexual Exploitation.


Online child sexual exploitation is a heinous crime and through the reach of the internet has become a global issue. It has never been easier for perpetrators to make contact with children, or to share images of abuse and inspire each other to commit further crimes.

We undertook a baseline study of child helpline capabilities and networks in seventeen countries, surveying their awareness and capacity to prevent and respond to victims of online abuse and violence.  But we didn’t stop there.

Read all the regional meeting reports, see a map of the participating countries, and read a summary of recommendations below:

LEAP Meeting Report Asunció n

LEAP Meeting Report Cairo

LEAP Meeting Report London

LEAP Meeting Report Nairobi

LEAP Key Findings and Recommendations

Then, we convened four landmark regional meetings, and brought together stakeholders from child helplines, governments, industry, civil society, youth, law enforcement and others.  These conferences were key learning experiences for all, and paved the way for new partnerships and initiatives.

Altogether, 25 countries were surveyed for child helpline capabilities and referral networks

We are continuing our work to build capacity at child helplines to confront, prevent and respond to child online sexual exploitation in partnership with Telenor, and anticipate an expansion of our efforts with additional partners and funders.