Joint project to empower Syrian refugees

Jordan River Foundation and Ikea in unique collaboration

The war in Syria has resulted in a humanitarian disaster for millions of people fleeing for their lives and who are now living in refugee camps in neighbouring countries, such as Jordan.

We want to share a positive story of two organisations that have joined hands to collaborate in a unique way. One is a multi-national company, the other is a member of Child Helpline international. This summer Ikea is planning to open production centers in the refugee camps where refugees and locals will work together producing woven goods.  The Jordan River Foundation (JRF) will take on the managerial duties at the production facilities, utilising its expertise in understanding the delicate social and cultural diversities of the region. It is great to see how Ikea’s and JRF’s shared mission of empowering people for a better future is resulting in this inspiring action. The Jordan River Foundation was established by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah in 1995 and has been a member of Child Helpline international since 2008. Their mission focuses on Child Safety  and Community Empowerment, and includes an active and effective child helpline.