It’s International Child Helpline Day!

17 May is International Child Helpline Day! Every year this day is dedicated to celebrating the work of child helplines all over the world. Their tireless efforts ensure that children and youth in need around the world are listened to and assisted.

In 2017, more than 24 million children contacted our network of child helplines asking for support. In cooperation with our network members, and through the analysis of child helpline data from 181 countries, we make suggestions for policy changes for the improvement of children’s lives.

17 May is a special day in which child helplines all over the world hold various activities and celebrations to highlight their work and achievements and to enhance public awareness.

This year’s theme is Inclusion and Technology for Children’s Well-being. We’re focusing on the beneficial use of communication technologies that increase our capacity to support children and young people worldwide. Together with our members and partners, we want to present positive practices from child helplines who are already using technology in an inclusive and creative way. In particular, we’re looking at how technology can be harnessed to reach the most vulnerable groups of children and young people.

Follow our social media for stories and images from our members and partners! We’re be posting regularly throughout the day. So far, you can check up on our stories from Fiji, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Israel. Later in the day, we’ll be hearing from Democratic Republic of the Congo, Italy and Denmark, among others, and there will be even more stories on our Facebook page. And stay tuned for news of a very important launch happening today in Malawi.

If you’d like to celebrate this important day with us, share this message on 17 May.

Every child has a voice. When their voices are heard, solutions can be found, children are empowered to participate in society and to fulfil their potential. We believe that no child should be left unheard. For us your voice counts. Let’s spread the word!