International Migrants Day 2019

Migrants, refugees, asylum seekers: Many millions have left their homeland seeking better lives and better opportunities, or to overcome adversity or find safety for themselves, and in many cases for their families. Finding this better life, securing this safe environment, is not always an easy journey – especially in the case of children and young people on the move.

Today is International Migrants Day. It is a special day to recognise the efforts, contributions and the rights of some 272 million people worldwide, living new lives and building new communities. It is a special day to raise awareness about the challenges and difficulties they face. And it is a day to commemorate those refugees and migrants who have lost their lives, or who have disappeared, while trying to reach safe harbour after difficult journeys by land or by sea.  As the world observes International Migrants Day this year, the International Organization for Migrants is saluting migrants and the communities they join, and which they enrich and remake through their mutual efforts.

Today at Child Helpline International we will be thinking especially of the children and young people who are on the move. We salute them, and we salute our child helpline members who provide help and support to them. We know that our child helpline members around the world work tirelessly for these children and young people whose journeys have ended, are still ongoing, or are about to begin. Every child has a voice, and we strive to ensure that no child is left unheard.