International Child Helpline Day 2020!

17 May marks International Child Helpline Day. On this day we celebrate the work of child helplines all over the world and this year in particular, we want to pay tribute to their tireless efforts to support, protect and comfort children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This International Child Helpline Day, we want to say Thank You! Thank you to all the child helpline volunteers, counsellors, psychologists, service managers, directors and all other staff members around our network, for everything that you’re doing to support and protect children and young people during this difficult time. On this day, we also stand in solidarity with our child helpline members by calling for support from governments, the ICT sector and donors, to recognise the importance of child helplines to provide and maintain support for child helpline services so that their phenomenal work can continue.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had, and is continuing to have, a significant impact on the world in which we live. Children and young people in particular, are especially vulnerable to the secondary impacts of the pandemic. Deprived of support networks, many children have not only been exposed to increased risks of violence – including maltreatment, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation – but are are also having a negative impact on their mental health; with many experiencing stress, anxiety, loneliness and isolation

Child helplines have become even more important to children and young people in these times and many of our members around the world, have noticed huge surges in the number of calls, texts and messages of children calling for help. Child helplines have been working tirelessly to ensure their services can remain operational and withstand the increased need. They are hearing the voices of children in need, right now They are listening to them, talking with them, offering advice, comfort and support. And, when necessary, they are taking action to ensure that children and young people are getting the help and protection they need.  

Here are just a number of examples from each region, of the types of support, advice and protection our members have been providing. Scroll through the gallery to read each case study.

Would you like to make a donation towards the work of child helplines around the world? Please make a financial contribution to your national helpline, or donate to Child Helpline International by clicking here.

Join us in paying tribute to the phenomenal work of child helplines around the world! Watch our "Thank You Video" here!