IC2018: Day#2 Round-Up

The second day of the 9th International Consultation of Child Helplines was the chance for our child helpline members to gather together in their “regional spaces”, to discuss those issues most relevant to them in their part of the world. It was also the time to choose who among them would represent their interests within the network for the next two years.

In each of the five regions – Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) – discussions were held to select who would be the next Regional Representative and Deputy Regional Representative for the region. These are important roles for our child helpline members and, in particular, the Regional Representatives are in addition appointed to the Supervisory Board of Child Helpline International.

After the regional meetings, the entire International Consultation was treated to a presentation by Jeroo Billimoria, the founder of Child Helpline International, and Jim Fruchterman, the CEO of Benetech. They talked about a fascinating new initiative they are working on which has the potential to revolutionise the way that child helplines connect with children.

After lunch, guest speakers from several of our partner organisations talked about advocacy and influence for child protection. This session was hosted by Chilobe Muloba of Save the Children Zambia, and featured presentations by Vanessa Saraiva of World Vision, Rocio Aznar Daban from UNICEF, Rasa Sekulovic from Plan International, Thomas Mueller of ECPAT International, and Kent Page, from the Office of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence Against Children.

The day ended with the General Assembly of Child Helplines, in which we looked to some of the new initiatives on the horizon for our network (including the introduction of new quality standards for child helplines to attain), and the formal appointment of the new regional representatives.

A busy day again for everybody, with lots of side meetings and networking happening at the same time. We’re due to wrap up here in Toronto on Thursday. For now, we leave you with a series of pictures illustrating the day. The last one provides a special teaser to who some of the new regional representatives are – we’ll be telling you more about them later today in a special update.