Hrabri telefon on Viber

In January 2018, Hrabri telefon (also known as Brave Phone) in Croatia started a Viber campaign. A public account was opened where “12 Brave Stories” were shared from the helpline, encouraging children and young people to reach out and contact them.
By April 2018, they had an impressive 185,000 followers on Viber.

Viber is a cross-platform communication channel that allows individuals to interact with each other through instant chat and voice calls. Chats can be one-on-one, group and public. The app allows you to communicate and share diverse media formats, such as photos, videos, voice messages, stickers and gifs, with complete anonymity. This is important to children and young people when discussing sensitive issues.

Hrabri telefon recognised that it would be easier to communicate with children and young people in the way they like the most.

creatively embracing inclusive technology

Hrabri telefon crafted “12 Brave Stories” to show children and young people that they are not alone when handling issues. Their 185,000 Viber followers identified with these stories, motivating many to reach out to Hrabri telefon child helpline.

Hrabri telefon’s amazing efforts are a great example of creatively embracing inclusive technology to widen the reach of support to children and young people!


If you would like to learn more about Hrabri telefon’s Viber journey, click here.


About Hrabri telefon:

Hrabri telefon (also known as Brave Phone) is a non-governmental organisation that was established in 1997 in Croatia. They are driven to respond to and support children for a wide range of reasons, including abuse, neglect and violence.
They work to ensure that the voices of children are heard through toll-free methods of communication, including: calls, chat, emails, forums and Facebook. Hrabri telefon has had more than 800 members and volunteers in the past 20 years.