How effective and useful is the European harmonised number 116 111?

University of Suffolk is helping us to answer this question!

With the support of the European Commission and the hard work of child helplines in Europe, we have been working for the past ten years on a smooth allocation and operationalisation of the regionally harmonised number 116 111 across all European Union Member States.  We are proud to announce that 24 child helplines in Europe are currently operating the number and children can obtain support and counseling services through this number in 24 European countries.


How effective has been the operationalisation of the 116 111 number? Are children aware of the number? Do their parents and local communities know about it? We have embarked on a journey to find out and the University of Suffolk is helping us get to the answers!

The University’s Dr. Emma Bond, Associate Professor and Director of Research and Development, in the Faculty of Arts, Businesses and Applied Social Science and Dr. Cristian Dogaru, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies are leading this research, conducted in five European countries: Greece, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden.

The research findings are expected to be published at the end of the summer 2017.