EVERY Child Has a Voice: International Child Helpline Day 2019

Today, 17 May, marks International Child Helpline Day. On this day we celebrate the work of child helplines all over the world. Their tireless efforts ensure that millions of children globally have the opportunity to be heard and receive assistance when it feels like nobody else will listen.

This year we’re paying special attention to the important role child helplines play in supporting, empowering and protecting vulnerable children and young people, in particular children with disabilities, children on the move and LGBTQI+ youth. For these vulnerable groups, child helplines act as a trusted, secure and confidential source of help and counselling, serving as a first point of contact with child protection services and vital safeguards from violence and abuse.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The ratification of this historic treaty by 194 countries represented a significant step forward in the protection of children’s rights around the world. To this day the UNCRC continues to provide the foundation from which child helplines can work towards a brighter future for vulnerable children. Child helplines play a pivotal role in enabling children’s rights, by providing children with information about their rights (Article 42), providing safe platforms for them to receive and share information (Article 13), listening and empowering children and youth in decision-making (Article 12), and protecting them from harm (Article 19, Article 34).

This International Child Helpline Day we share stories that exemplify the contributions made by child helplines in ensuring EVERY child has a voice:

Children on the Move
Children with Disabilities


“This year’s International Child Helpline Day is one of a kind. It is promoted and supported by many child helplines and partners. I am very proud to be part of this global movement and cannot emphasise enough that EVERY child has a voice!”

Patrick Krens, Executive Director, Child Helpline International