EMEA Child Safety Summit 2017

Facebook and Child Helpline International joining forces

In April, we attended the EMEA Child Safety Summit 2017 in Dublin, hosted by Google and Facebook. The event brought  together academics, NGOs, politicians, Facebookers and Googlers to share knowledge from research, products and some fascinating experiences and projects around digital safety.

The event was attended by our Executive Director Sheila M. Donovan, our Head of Programme Development Magdalena Aguilar, and our Programme Manager for Africa Richard Ombono.  Richard teamed up with Akua Gyekye from Facebook to deliver a presentation on our joint work with Facebook, implemented in Africa in 2016.

In the presentation, Richard told us that cyberbullying and online abuse were the two main reasons on digital safety that children contacted child helplines in 2015.. Children being exposed to abuse and exploitation online is a growing issue in Africa. To tackle this, we and Facebook organised four webinar sessions in French and English to raise awareness on the issue of child online protection and to build the capacity of child helpline counsellors on how to best respond to these issues.