Can a child call 116 111 in Italy and France?

116 111 is the European harmonised number dedicated to child helplines.

The number is operational in 24 EU member states plus Albania, Georgia, Norway, Serbia and Ukraine.

The number is still not operational in Italy and France and our child helpline members, Allo 119 and Telefono Azzurro are striving to get the number assigned and operational in their countries.

We at Child Helpline International have been supporting their efforts to obtain the 116 111 number so that children in France and Italy can also receive counselling via the European regionally harmonised number. We are supporing them by sharing successful stories and best practices, enhancing their partnership with telecom operators, collecting data on the effectiveness of the use of 116 111 as well as supporting them with designing advocacy and communication tools.

Allo 119 and Telefono Azzurro are lobbying to operationalise 116 111

With our support, both Telefono Azzurro and Allo 119 have increased their lobbying activities to get the number operational in their countries.

Several meetings have taken place with Allo 119, the French government and the telecom regulator, supported by Child Helpline International advocacy and communication tools, and using similar cases from the European child helplines network in order to find the best solution to make the 116 111 operational in France.

Italy is following a same path, reinforcing its lobbying activities since 2016. In December 2016, Child Helpline International joined Telefono Azzurro for a meeting with the Italian telecom regulator AgCom. We supported the child helpline in show-casing the added value of making the European harmonised number operational and especially in showing the importance of assigning the number to a well-established and expert child helpline, as Telefono Azzurro is.

We continuously support our child helpline members in improving and ameliorating their services to protect children. We hope to add two new countries to the European Member States running the 116 111 soon.