Unleashing our full African potential!

Today, the African Union is holding the African Girls Pre-Summit, prior to the 3rd African Girls Summit scheduled to take place later in the year.

Rejoignez notre Communauté de Pratique sur les compétences d’assistance aux enfants durant Covid-19

Février 2021 Nous organisons une Communauté de Pratique pour échanger sur la manière dont les lignes d’assistance aux enfants peuvent au mieux identifier et répondre aux détresses auxquelles les enfants et jeunes personnes sont confrontés, en particulier dans le contexte du COVID-19.Le thème central  de cette communauté de pratique sera l’exploration des outils et compétences en counseling auprès d’enfants et de jeunes. 

Join our community of practice on call response!

February 2021 We are convening a Community of Practice to exchange knowledge on how child helplines can best identify and respond to the distresses faced by children and young people, particularly in the context of COVID-19. The focus of this Community of Practise will be children and youth counselling skills.

eLearning: Children in Migration

Children in migration are children first, and they are entitled to the same rights as citizen children, including their right to be heard. In an effort to bring this vulnerable group of children into the spotlight, we have developed a new eLearning module as part of our Inclusive Practice for Child Helplines series (find the Inclusive Practice for Child Helplines I and II here).

Let’s talk about violence…

Child Helpline International’s Executive Director Patrick Krens reflects on the findings of our report on global child helpline data from 2019, and their implications in the age of Covid-19.