Exciting times ahead as ICMEC joins Child Helpline International in Amsterdam

Coming all the way from Alexandria, Virginia, the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children were warmly welcomed by our team in Amsterdam to hammer out a strategy for our 27 month programme that commits to prevent and support survivors of online child sexual exploitation and abuse.

In March 2018, Child Helpline International and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) were awarded a grant that will allow us to support children in five target countries:

  • Jordan,
  • Kenya,
  • Peru,
  • The Philippines, and,
  • Romania.


Child Helpline International and ICMEC gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided for this programme by the Fund to End Violence Against Children.



From 20 to 24 April 2018, we were honoured to be joined by President and Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Maura Harty, and Chief Financial, Legal and Administrative Officer, Jessica Sarra, at our office in Amsterdam. We shared our perspectives, best practices and challenges to make sure the programme is nothing less than a roaring success!


a leading voice in child online protection


We are thrilled and privileged to be teaming up with an organisation who has a leading voice in the child online protection arena. We are very much looking forward to meeting again at our International Consultation in Toronto, Canada!


If you want to learn more about our 27 month programme, click here or contact us at evac@icmec.org