C-SEMA joins the ACT to EVAC Programme

Jane, Fatuma and Michael from C-SEMA

We are thrilled to welcome C-SEMA, who runs The National Child Helpline in Tanzania, to Child Helpline International’s members who are participating in the ACT to EVAC programme.

Click here to download the ACT to EVAC Tanzania Report.

ACT to EVAC (Advocate, Collaborate & Train to End Violence Against Children) is a joint programme between Child Helpline International and ICMEC (the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children). This programme aims to support survivors of online child sexual exploitation and abuse. It brings together national actors within law enforcement, the medical profession, teaching and child helplines.

C-SEMA joins our child helpline members from Peru, the Philippines, Jordan and Kenya in the programme.

Child Helpline International was accompanied in Tanzania by representatives from BRIS, our Swedish child helpline member, who hope to collaborate with C-SEMA on upcoming projects.

Our trip to Tanzania also gave us the opportunity to meet with the UNFPA, UNICEF Tanzania, the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority and the Tanzania Child Rights Forum, helping us to better understand the national context.

  • Jane, Fatuma and Michael from C-SEMA
  • Jane, Fatuma, James, Michael, Laura from Child Helpline International and Winnifrida
  • Jane and Michael from C-SEMA and Anna and Mikael from BRIS,
  • C-SEMA, BRIS, UNFPA and Child Helpline International