“ACT to EVAC – preventing online child sexual abuse and exploitation.”

Being part of the ACT to EVAC programme has made me realise all over again how important it is to collaborate in order to create safe environments for children. I realise that – different from, apart from, or unknown by each other – we all share the same problems and we face continuous efforts to overcome them.

A blog by Sara

Click here to download the ACT to EVAC Kenya Report.

Personally, I am very happy to have been given a position in this programme where I can expand my insights and also share the #Youth perspective throughout the process. To me, this means empowerment. Child Helpline International is investing in us and empowering us to grow professionally.

The kick-off meeting in Kenya was the fuel to ensure that the engines run smoothly throughout the coming months of the programme. Having our #Youth session there was a valuable opportunity to share the importance of youth involvement, perspectives and feedback, but also to get to know the representatives of the five countries.

I would like to mention that a particular highlight for me was the positive reaction of the audience following the #Youth presentation. I personally was not expecting such a quick reflection from the audience; that they were agreeing with our perspective on the importance of youth engagement and also confirming that they would take this into consideration.

As already mentioned, the kick-off meeting was a great beginning in providing a space to plan forwards. ACT to EVAC is a well-planned project that aims to overcome diversity and bring us together under one common goal: to prevent online child sexual exploitation. As a programme that brings together countries from all over the world, it might still face issues – new or unplanned. But so long as there is commitment, we can overcome these issues to make the programme a success. By addressing and defining children’s and young people’s needs and working to fulfil them, each of the five countries will reach the programme’s goal.

Click here to download the ACT to EVAC Kenya Report.