ACT to EVAC: Kicking Things Off in Kenya!

ACT to EVAC is an exciting new programme for child online protection that kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya, from 26 to 27 June. As a result of the collaboration between Child Helpline International and the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC), and funded by the Fund to End Violence Against Children, our 27-month programme is committed to supporting the survivors of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. 

Click here to download the ACT to EVAC Kenya Report.

ACT to EVAC – it stands for “Advocate, Collaborate & Train to End Violence Against Children” – will enable five countries to establish or enhance their national systems using the Model National Response developed by the WePROTECT Global Alliance. This is a multi-discipline approach that mobilises law enforcement, medical practitioners and child helplines (together with other child-service professionals) to identify, prevent and respond to online child sexual abuse and exploitation. 

The first key step in this programme was to map out best practices, lessons learned and make sure that the agendas of the five child helplines taking part in the programme were aligned. The kick-off meeting facilitated an exchange of knowledge, explored capacity building opportunities and mapped out the path ahead towards crafting five tailored national plans of action.  

We were joined in Kenya by representatives from: 

 The ACT to EVAC programme simply wouldn’t be able to reach its full potential without the guiding voices of children and young people. Child Helpline International and ICMEC are committed to keeping children and young people front-and-centre as key stakeholders to our work, making sure that their voices are always heard. Supporting and guiding us at the kick-off meeting were Sara Brari and Divyansh Dev, two valuable members of our Youth Advisory Council: #Youth. The #Youth are an empowering collective of young individuals from all over the world, whose motto is “nothing about us, without us”. The #Youth are uniquely positioned to speak on behalf of their peers and to provide insights on the issues that affect them the most.

“The kick-off meeting in Kenya was the fuel to ensure that the engines run smoothly throughout the coming months of the programme. Having our #Youth session there was a valuable opportunity to share the importance of youth involvement, perspectives and feedback, but also to get to know the representatives of the five countries.”

Read Sara’s blog here.


“I am confident that children and youth in these countries will be given individual attention … As we progress more into the internet age, the programme will be able address the dynamics of the future while being combative to present day problems. Child Helpline International’s motto of ‘every child has a voice’ will be supported by the energetic voice of youth.”

Read Divyansh’s blog here.

During the meeting, Divyansh and Sara explored ways in which we can include and protect the voices of children and young people – and not just among the five countries taking part in this 27-month programme. We hope that other countries will come on board following our programme and help to protect the survivors of online child sexual exploitation and abuse all over the world. 

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