The first global meeting of child helplines was held in The Netherlands in 2003, when 49 child helplines got together to form Child Helpline International. Today, our worldwide network comprises 173 full and associate members, an international collective of civil society and governmental organisations who listen to children every day.

Children with Disabilities and Covid-19

On July 15, 2020, ISPCAN hosted a webinar on children with disabilities and the effects of COVID-19, featuring experts Aafke Scharloo, Nora Baladerian and Dr.

Good Practices to Support LGBTQI+ Children and Young People

As part of our WeListen project, Child Helpline International organised a Community of Practice in 2018 for our child helpline members in the EU.

Abuse, Violence and LGBTQI+ Children and Young People

LGBTQI+ children and young people make up one of the most vulnerable groups of children and young people using the services of child helplines.

5 Good Practices for Children and Youth in Migration

In 2019, Child Helpline International convened a Community of Practice (CoP) to exchange knowledge on how child helplines can best support children and young people in migration. This CoP is part of our WeListen Programme, funded by the European Commission. From the extensive discussions, we were able to compile a list of good practices that...