Voices of Children & Young People

Global Child Helpline Data for 2017 & 2018

Every year we survey our child helpline members to get comprehensive regional and global pictures of the issues facing children and young people. This latest report, “Voices of Children and Young People: Child Helpline Data for 2017 & 2018” presents the data received from child helplines in 84 countries and territories around the world.

The key finding from this report concerns the high prevalence of contacts from children and young people related to abuse and violence on the one hand, and to mental health on the other. While there was a lot of variation around the world regarding the numbers and the different reasons for contacts the child helplines receive, these two issues appear to be globally important.

Suicidal thoughts, as well as fear and anxiety, are the most significant issues children and young people talk about in relation to mental health. Although we don’t always know the gender of the children and young people contacting child helplines, it would certainly seem that it is girls more than boys who are making contact about mental health issues. This tallies with global data that suggests that women in general are at a higher risk of mental health issues.

Physical and emotional abuse are the most significant issues facing children and young people when it comes to abuse and violence. Again, it seems as though girls are much more likely to make contact with child helplines, especially when it comes to sexual abuse.

All of this would suggest that abuse, violence and mental health need special attention and special support to ensure that child helplines worldwide can deal with the large numbers of these cases appropriately.

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