Before finding a solution to global issues affecting children, we must first have a keen understanding of how, why and where they occur. In this section, you can find our data publications – information collected from child helplines that we use to bring out the voices of children to the world, and to influence governments and policymakers to help and protect children and young people everywhere.

Voices of Children: 2015 Global Data

In 2015, our network of child helplines listened to more than 20 million children worldwide.

Fighting against Child Sexual Abuse

For this paper, we analysed and presented data from 16 child helplines in Africa at the 2012 International Conference in Africa on Child Sexual Abuse in Ghana.

Boredom, Suicide and Self-harm in High HDI Countries

In spite of generally good quality of life and opportunities, many children in high HDI countries feel lonely and depressed.

Voices of Children: 2003 – 2013 Global Data

Only through collective action and commitment can we ensure a bright future for the next generation of children and young people across the globe.

Voices of Children in the Americas & Caribbean: 2003 – 2013 Data

Between 2003 and 2013, 8.5 million contacts were made with child helplines in the Americas and Caribbean, on issues ranging from mental health to natural disasters.

Voices of Children in the Middle East & North Africa: 2003 – 2013 Data

In the Middle East and North Africa, child helplines are often the first point of access for children suffering violence, international conflict, and health issues.

Voices of Children in Asia Pacific: 2003 – 2013 Data

Although child helplines in Asia Pacific received 41 million contacts between 2003 and 2013, still millions more children and young people in the region do not yet have access to this essential service.

Voices of Children in Africa: 2003 – 2013 Data

Many helplines in Africa find themselves filling the void where children lack support and protection on issues such as violence and sexual health.