From how to build a child helpline to how to keep children safe and happy online, here are some great practical toolkits and manuals for you.

CHILD PROTECTION RESOURCE PACK How to Plan, Monitor and Evaluate Child Protection Programmes

In such a sensitive and critical area as child protection, planning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are crucial to the work of the sector.


The Case Management Toolkit was a collaborative effort between the Center for International Social Work at Rutgers University’s School of Social Work and International Social Service-USA with consultation on the initial design with University of Maryland’s School of Social Work.

Safe and child-sensitive counselling, complaint and reporting mechanisms to address violence against children

Counselling, complaint and reporting mechanisms constitute critical remedies to address breaches of children’s rights, including violence in all its forms.

A Series of 100 Best Practices in Child Protection

The Protection Project at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children encourage the dissemination of information on child protection best practices.

Ending Violence: Stratgies for action by UNICEF

This report has a simple and urgent goal: to connect decision-makers and relevant actors with strategies that prevent and respond to violence in the lives of children.

A Toolkit for Monitoring and Evaluating Children’s Participation

In recent years, non-government organisations (NGOs) working to promote children’s rights, as well as governments and donors, have emphasised the need to develop better indicators against which to monitor and measure children’s participation in terms of three key aspects: structure, process and outcomes.

Fundraising Toolkit for Kids Helpline

This toolkit is a great resource as you organise your fundraising initiative.