John Cameron

Supporting Child Helpline International's work during the COVID19 pandemic

We are delighted to announce that John Cameron has joined our team, as a consultant to support us and our members with expert advice and guidance on the development of helpline services as we all seek to support children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

John started his role with us on 11 May and his appointment will initially run for three months. He will be responsible for helping us to coordinate our overall process and contribution towards:

  • developing new and specific technical resources for child helplines
  • developing tailor-made trainings/webinars for stakeholders in the child protection sector, to give guidance on effective use of child helplines to the COVID-19 response;
  • producing training materials and presentations for these webinars
  • providing strategic support to the team at Child Helpline International, and tactical support to national child helplines, during and after the crisis.


John Cameron

“Helplines are an essential service to provide, during this pandemic crisis, essential support to children either in need of urgent protection or a place they can turn to, to share their worries. I am looking forward to working together with colleagues across all our helplines so that all children who use our services are protected from harm.”


John comes from a background of social work, with over 30 years of direct experience with child protection practice, advocacy and the development of helplines. In his former role as Head of Child Protection Operations at the National Society for the Protection of Children (NSPCC) in the UK, he had direct responsibility for the management of the NSPCC Helpline, Childline UK and the multidisciplinary Child Trafficking Advice Service.

In that role John developed expertise in the development and utilisation of helplines as part of a multi-agency response to protecting children during major incidents – for example, supporting national inquiries into organised abuse, providing help to victims of terrorist attacks, and developing specialist responses to specific threats to children (including Female Genital Mutilation, radicalisation, child criminal and sexual exploitation). He also has experience of developing a range of helpline practices to assist in the reporting of children at risk to child protection agencies where threats come from both familiar and extra-familiar sources, including institutions.

John has extensive experience of developing promotional programmes and campaigning, especially designed to reach out to hard-to-engage children, training in child protection practice, and has advised governments and other helplines on the development of practice initiatives related to safeguarding matters in addition to advising on and producing fundraising bids.

During his time with us, John will be reaching out and providing direct support to our child helpline members, and providing advice on service development and child protection practice related to the current pandemic.