Aselo – a fantastic resource for child helplines

The week began with International Child Helpline Day, and it just keeps getting better and better! Today, we are delighted to co-host the End Violence Affiliates Event,“Increasing the impact of child helplines with modern technology”. During this 60 minutes webinar the new tech platform Aselo will be presented to interested organisations and professionals, including a live demo of this fantastic new resource by our partner, Tech Matters.

The result of a two-year collaboration, Aselo will be a critical tool for building the capacity of child helplines all over the world to better serve the needs of children. Created in partnership with our members, Aselo is an open source, customisable platform that supports the entire global crisis response movement, meaning that child helplines will not need to create individual technology solutions themselves. It also integrates new cloud-based tools to increase child helpline effectiveness and make remote work by counsellors more practical—something that has become essential to accommodate shelter-in-place restrictions because of the pandemic. Lifeline Childline Zambia and Childline South Africa are the first of our members to have integrated the new Aselo platform into their operations.

Every year our child helpline members receive more than 30 million calls, but with limited resources many of these calls unfortunately go unanswered. With Aselo, we expect that within five years child helplines will be able to serve 100 million children annually. Aselo also allows child helplines to communicate with children not just via the phone, but also on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, webchat and SMS. By bringing the child helplines to these major online platforms, Aselo will greatly strengthen their ability to deal with online exploitation of children.

Initiated with One Family Foundation, other major supporters of Aselo include the End Violence Fund,, Schmidt Futures, Facebook and the Jenesis Group. More information on Aselo, including a downloadable brochure and answers to frequently asked questions, is available at or via e-mail at