Share the Positive, Block the Negative

Brave Phone partnering up for Child Online Protection

hrabri partnership

Our Croatian child helpline, Brave Phone, has entered into an exciting partnership with Hrvatski Telekom and the Association for Communication and Media culture to improve levels of online safety for children in Croatia.

The campaign ‘Share the Positive, Block the Negative’ aims to develop and promote a number of awareness-raising activities to protect children online, including conducting a comparative research project into the level of safety of children on the Internet. The research project is connected to the EU Kids Online project.

  • One of the initiatives are a Croatian version of the Teach Today portal.

Hrvatski Telekom has committed to creating a Croatian version of the European TeachToday portal, where parents and children can access information and tips about online safety. Brave Phone and the other partners will be able to continually add information to this platform. Hrvatski Telekom are also planning on introducing specific products and services to help parents protect their children, and have provided funds to cover the cost of calls to Brave Phone.

Share the Positive, Block the Negative

‘So far, we have developed a variety of educational and preventive materials for children, young people, and experts, but our reach is limited. We believe that this joint initiative with partners and the support provided by Hrvatski Telekom will make a significant positive step forward, which we would not have been able to do alone’, said Anamarija Vuić, Advisory Lines Coordinator of Brave Phone.

The full article by Hrvatski Telekom can be read here