Our members listen to children every day of the year.  Here are some highlights of their exemplary work.

International Child Helpline Day 2018: Costa Rica

El Patronato Nacional de la Infancia — PANI, or the National Board of Children — is the governing body on the rights of children and youth in Costa Rica, and it has been campaigning against inappropriate relationships since 2017.

International Child Helpline Day 2018: Denmark

The Danish Helpline “BørneTelefonen” uses a lot of different technologies and media to reach different target groups: toll-free telephone lines, SMS text messaging, and a website where children can chat and give each other advice.

International Child Helpline Day 2018: Greece

Since 2015 Greece has been at the forefront of a mass influx of refugees and migrants who flee war, persecution and economic adversities in their countries in search of a safe heaven and a better future in Europe.

International Child Helpline Day 2018: Democratic Republic of the Congo

These are heart-rending stories of personal tragedies, but without the services of the 117 helpline they could all have ended far, far worse.