Welcome to our network! In this section you will find information on all Child Helpline International members, by region, and how to reach them. And it´s a space for our members, where the tools we’ve developed can be found. We’ve included some great stories from the network, do read them, we think they are inspiring for everyone.

Child Helpline International’s eLearning Platform: FAQs

Child Helpline International’s eLearning platform is available as a resource for our members.

Out of Africa: Strong Commitments made at our Regional Consultation

eLearning: Non-Discrimination, Social Norms and Accessibility

We believe that every child has the right to be heard, to receive information, and to be protected against violence and abuse.

Childline Thailand Foundation’s Hub Saidek: A refuge for Bangkok’s vulnerable children

Every Child Has a Voice: LGBTQI+ Youth

Every Child Has a Voice: Children on the Move

Every Child Has a Voice: Children with Disabilities