Welcome to our network! In this section you will find information on all Child Helpline International members, by region, and how to reach them. And it´s a space for our members, where the tools we’ve developed can be found. We´ve included some great stories from the network, do read them, we think they are inspiring for everyone.

Child helplines in Bulgaria and Slovakia team up to beat bullying

Supporting Children on the Move

Bris, the Swedish child helpline, has developed a national project called ‘Together for Children on the Move’ to provide long term support for children in transit.

Illustration children demonstrating

Childline Zimbabwe has a new website!

child helpline Cambodia

Star Foundation Award for Child Helpline Cambodia

Pushpa is a victim of child marriage in Nepal

hrabri partnership

Share the Positive, Block the Negative

Two of our members came together for the importance of helping refugee and migrant children in Greece

Talk about depression! Fundación Anar takes on the challenge