eLearning: Data Management for Child Helplines

Collecting, analysing and using data can help your child helpline make a positive impact on children’s welfare. In order to manage data, you need to have a data strategy and reliable methods to collect, store, access, and prepare data for analyses and usage.

This module has been developed for counsellors, volunteers, and managers who are collecting and working with data to help make a positive impact on children’s welfare. By the end of this module, you will have a strong understanding of data management, its best practices, and the main data management procedures to help you conduct better research within your child helpline. This module will help you conceptualise, interpret, and utilise data. More specifically, you will:

  • Develop a basic understanding of data management by defining key concepts, and explaining the importance of reliable data management.
  • Delve more deeply into data management planning and procedures and best data management practices.
  • Understand the key features of research and quality data management and why they are crucial. You will be provided with basic knowledge of data management and the best data management practices, from the planning stage to when data will ideally be used.
  • Develop an awareness of guidelines for working with data and discuss the benefits of sharing the data results.

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This module has been developed with support from Unicef Eastern and Souther Africa Regional Office.