Empowering to protect: Child Helpline International’s 2016-2020 strategy

Child Helpline International’s 2016-2020 strategy is grounded in our core values:  we are driven, agile, transparent and diverse.  Our value proposition as an international collective action organisation is focussed on our member child helplines, our partners in the world of child protection and child rights, and on our funders.

The 2016-2020 strategic period has an overarching goal:  to improve child protection systems by strengthening child helplines.

How do we aim to get there?  We articulate our strategy through the metaphor of children’s voices:

We want to activate their voices through our programmes and thematic expertise. Programmes are focussed on building and strengthening child helplines where they are needed, on child on line protection, preventing and responding to violence against children, children on the move, and on building capacity at our member child helplines to confront these challenges.  At the same time that we deliver quality programming to our members we build capacity for them to listen to children and activate their voices.

We will amplify children’s voices by improving our evidence-based advocacy.  This means that we must improve the quality of the data we collect on contacts at child helplines – more than 25 million attempted contacts a year.

We will improve the systems that capture the data through call response training at child helplines, through common definitions, and through improving our own data collection.

We will improve our analysis of data through partnerships with academia and other children’s rights partners.  With that analysis, we will convert the data into useful, insightful and actionable information.

Children’s voices are amplified and transmitted to global, regional and national policy makers.

Our Theory of Change is encapsulated in the Child Helpline Circle.

Finally, we aim to sustain children’s voices by always engaging with youth, and with our partners in government, international NGO’s, inter governmental organisations, foundations and other funders, and industry.  Sustainability and transparency, accountability, monitoring and evaluation are always intertwined with the achievement of our strategic goals.

Quality standards for child helplines, and the impact child helplines effect on children’s lives and well being are essential components of sustainability.  A fundamental outcome of our strategy is to improve quality at our member helplines and to help them measure their impact, so that they may amplify children’s voices and concerns to national policy makers.

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