Our founder, Jeroo Billimoria

Jeroo Billimoria is Special Advisor to the Supervisory Board. She is the founder of Child Helpline International. Jeroo is considered to be among the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and is now working on her ninth entrepreneurial venture. Jeroo grew up in Mumbai, India. Drawn to children, she studied social work and in 1991 founded Meljol, an organisation that provides opportunities for children to make friends across classes and castes and become leaders in their communities.

After spending much time with children living on the streets of India, Jeroo started working towards setting up a service which would provide a 24 hour hotline for children to call anytime. Finally, in 1996 Childline India was created. After an initial meeting in Pune, India 2001, in 2003, Childline India, led by Jeroo agreed to take on the strategic planning and consensus-building amongst child helplines around the world. This led to the 2003 International Consultation, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and attended by representatives from 49 child helplines from around the globe. It was here that Child Helpline International was officially launched.

Jeroo is a Skoll awardee, and an Ashoka and Schwab Fellow. Her latest venture is Child and Youth Finance International, founded in 2011, a movement working to ensure financial inclusion and ChildFinance Education for 100 million children and youth in 100 countries by 2015. Her other organization, Aflatoun, founded in 2007, provides social and financial education to over 1 million children in 83 countries has been recognized among the world’s top 50 NGOs.