Our Supervisory Board consists of five appointed members (the Supervisory Committee) – including our Board Chair and Vice Board Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Board – and, in addition, Regional Representatives, who are employees of our Child Helpline members, and who are selected to serve on the Board for a two-year period by the General Assembly of Child Helplines, which meets every two years.

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Jaap E Doek
Board Chair
Corinne Dettmeijer
Vice Board Chair
Dorothy Rozga
Titi van der Poel
Natasha Jackson
Florence Nkhula
Regional Representative,
Errol Zebeda
Regional Representative,
Americas & The Caribbean
Madhav Pradhan
Regional Representative,
Magnus Jägerskog
Regional Representative,
Ohaila Shomar
Regional Representative,
Middle East & North Africa

The Supervisory Board is unpaid and does not have any day-to-day management responsibilities.

Its duties are to assist the Management Team of Child Helpline International by providing expert guidance and support. Responsibilities include:
• The strategy plan for the next three-five years (for ratification by the General Assembly of Child Helplines).
• The annual plan of activities.
• The annual budget and final audited accounts.

To become a member of the Supervisory Board, individuals must demonstrate:
• An affiliation with the vision and the mission of Child Helpline International.
• A broad network at their disposal and the willingness to make use of this network in favour of Child Helpline International.
• A willingness to advise the Management Team at all times and to act as a sounding board for the Management Board when the occasion merits.

The Regional Representatives serving on the Supervisory Board are selected by the General Assembly of Child Helplines for a maximum of two consecutive periods of two years. Their roles (which are supported by Deputy Regional Representatives*) include: 

  • To support the co-ordination of the regional activities in co-operation with Child Helpline International. 
  • To contribute towards the regional consultations and international consultation during the term on the board.  
  • To participate in Supervisory Board meetings minimal twice per year. 
There are two Special Advisors to the Supervisory Board of Child Helpline International. In addition, our Founder Jeroo Billimoria acts as Special Advisor to the Board Chair.    
Marta Santos Pais
is the former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence Against Children.
Benyam Dawit Mezmur
is Associate Professor of Law at the Dullah Omar Institute
for Constitutional Law, Governance and Human Rights at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.
Jeroo Billimoria
is the founder of Child Helpline International, and is considered to be among the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.