Kimberley Ogonda

Membership Manager

As a staff member focusing on the membership aspect of the organization, I work to ensure Child Helpline International’s membership criteria are reviewed and complied with. By doing so, I aim to refine Child Helpline International’s value proposition to its member child helplines. In my communications role, I am able to promote the crucial work that our child helplines undertake.

I am from the UK and have been living in the Netherlands since 2016. After obtaining my Law degree in 2011, I began my career in international development. Since then, I have worked in countries like Cambodia and Afghanistan where I developed expertise in advocating for human rights and environmental protection. I particularly enjoy working for membership bodies where networks and partnerships provide access to resources which help NGOs better accomplish their missions.

A key role of Child Helpline International is to enable the network of child helplines to engage in advocacy efforts on both a national and international level. This in turn increases support for child helplines across Europe, inclusive of the crucial aspect of child helplines in national child protection systems. It is great to be part of system which strives to protect and better the lives of children worldwide.