Welcome to the page dedicated to our Supervisory Board!

Child Helpline International operates under the Dutch legal system as a registered foundation in the Netherlands and has a distinct division between advisory, supervisory and management functions within their organisational structure.

The current governance of Child Helpline International, as ratified by the General Assembly of Child Helplines in 2008, consists of the following institutions:

  • General Assembly of (National) Child Helplines
  • Supervisory Board with five Regional Representatives and three Supervisory Committee members
  • Management Board (Managing Child Helpline International)
  • Child Helpline International Team

The Supervisory Board does not have any day-to-day management responsibilities. Its duties are to assist the Management Board by providing it with expert guidance and support.

The Regional Representatives who serve on the Supervisory Board members are selected by the General Assembly of Child Helplines for a maximum of two consecutive periods of two years.

Please feel free to browse through this page and learn more about our Supervisory Board members!