Sheila Donovan

Executive Director

As past Executive Director of Child Helpline International, I had the pleasure to lead our energetic, dedicated,  passionate team in delivering our best in programmes, advocacy and messaging to our amazing child helpline members.  And to work with partners and funders to enhance our impact and expand our reach to more children worldwide.

I’ve spent the last ten years in the field of children’s rights, always with the child helpline movement. Before that I was an international banker, and also worked at the Organization of American States.

I am proud to guide Child Helpline International into its current strategic phase through a period of significant change.

My transition to the Board of Director’s went smoothly. I am happy to continue working for Child Helpline International as a member of the Board and to work with our members, partners and funders,  strengthening our collective impact with a shared vision not to lave any child unheard.