What is a child helpline?

A child helpline is a free and confidential service for children and young people, where you can talk about anything you want, via phone, chat and other means. When you contact a child helpline, you will talk or chat with a child helpline counsellor, who is a trained staff or volunteer. They will listen, help you talk about what’s going on in your life, and will help you come up with solutions. You can choose to be anonymous when you speak to a child helpline. Child helplines are confidential, which means that they will not tell anyone what you tell them, unless they are very worried about your, or someone else’s safety. You can ask your child helpline about confidentiality when you contact them. Child helplines can also help you get in contact with other services, if you need them.  

116 111 is the number specially reserved for child helplines in the EU. In the table below you can see which members of Child Helpline International are the operators of the 116 111 number in their countries. Please click on their name and logo to be taken directly to their website.


ALO 116 111
Call 116111 Cyprus
Linka Bezpečí

Child and Youth Phone
Child Helpline Georgia
Kinder- und Jugendtelefon

The Smile of the Child
ISPCC Childline
Uzticibas Talrunis
Vaiku Linija
Supportline 179
Telefonul Copilului
De Kindertelefoon
Alarmtelefonen for barn og unge
Telefon Zaufania
SOS Criança
Telefonul Copilului
NADEL - Nacionalna Dečija Linija
Linka Detskej Istoty
National Telephone Helpline TOM
United Kingdom

Teléfono ANAR
National Child Toll-Free Hotline
Childline UK

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The 116 111 number provides child helplines with a pan-European identity so that European citizens can be assured that calling the number will give them access to the same type of service in different Member States. This number is currently operational in 23 out of 27 Member States, and additionally in seven other European states.

The European Commission has identified child helplines as a service of social value, and the harmonised 116 111 number is an important part of a reporting system to tackle abuse and exploitation of children and young people. The Council of Europe has included child helplines in integrated national strategies to protect children from violence. For children and young people, having a short, easy-to-remember number is very important to make child helplines accessible. Governments, children’s rights partner organisations, telecoms and industry partners should use their platforms to promote awareness of the 116 111 number to make sure that every child is heard. You can read more by clicking the links below:  

What is Child Helpline International?  

Child Helpline International is a membership organisation for child helplines with 166 members from 139 countries and territories around the world. We coordinate information, viewpoints, knowledge and data from our child helpline members, partners and external sources. This exceptional resource is used to strengthen child protection systems and children’s rights globally, regionally and nationally, and to help our members advocate for the rights of children and amplify children’s voices.

Being a member of Child Helpline International can be very beneficial for child helplines. They can access influential policy and decision-making platforms, share knowledge and obtain capacity building support, as well as be part of a network with a high sense of community. If you are a child helpline representative interested in becoming a member of Child Helpline International, please contact us at membership@childhelplineinternational.org. We will be happy to hear from you! 

Full members of Child Helpline International adhere to our membership requirements, which includes annual submission of data and annual assessment against our core quality standards. You can read more by clicking on the links below: